Hi! I am Miranda de Groot

Experienced UX Researcher, Service Designer
and Design Thinking Facilitator.

freelance & international

Who I am

I bring users, co-workers and stakeholders together to create valuable user experiences and seamless customer journeys.
I love to create overview, make a plan and get things done. My structured way of working (traditional and agile/scrum) results in solid project plans, reliable budgets and concrete opportunities.

Others describe me as being analytical, pro-active, creative, reliable, transparent and flexible. And extremely user-focused. I regularly visit conferences and trainings and read blogs and books to continuously further my knowledge and skills.

What I do

Building bridges between user needs and business goals
For the past 20 years I have made a career out of understanding people’s needs and identifying opportunities for improvement. I have researched, facilitated, coordinated and improved the user experience of intranets, websites, apps, cities, products and services. I work for international companies such as IKEA, Air France KLM, Inter IKEA Systems and I do projects for international design agencies. Yet, I also like to help smaller companies to create the best user experiences for their customers.

I use many research tools and design thinking methods that I can combine to fit any project and organisation.

UX Research

Qualitative (interviews, observations, usability testing, concept testing) and quantitative (web and data analytics) research. And combining them to get the best insights.

Customer journey mapping

Workshops and exercises to map user activities, channels and emotions. And then analyzing what could be improved or created to make the journey more relevant and seamless.

Design thinking facilitation

Based on user insights, what new products or services could be created to help the target users? Working in multidisciplinary teams will build bridges and create more user-focused ideas.

UX Strategy & UX Management

I have extensive experience in setting up user-centered strategies and managing international UX-projects and UX-teams.

UX training & mindset

Training employees to get out of the building to talk to customers and analyzing the insights together helps to build empathy for the user.

Top task research

A structured method to prioritise the most relevant tasks users want to perform on your website or intranet. Involving stakeholder interviews, data analysis, user research and synthesis.

What people I recently worked with say

Hans Dekker

Product owner global intranet
Building bridges. This is something Miranda is great at and has consistently done. She has built bridges between teams, users and us all as an organization.  We have taken her ideas and woven them into our way of working, meaning Miranda’s work will have a lasting impact.

Virve Wihlborg

Communication and Documentation Manager
Miranda quickly understood our business needs and challenges and consistently came up with new ideas and approaches. Her calm and friendly personality combined with her systematic, pedagogical and analytical approach quickly built trust.

Lisette Touw

Project Manager Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Miranda is self-going with little need for steer, but she has a great ability to work together where needed. She is great in organising big meetings or events. She is especially good at untangling complex situations and driving changes in ways of working.



Do you want to find out your user’s needs and how you could make their lives less frustrating and embarrassing? Let’s talk. I can help you research and map the current situation and define opportunities for improvement. Please contact me if you want to work together, I am looking forward to your mail or call.